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Colchester Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Woman with brilliant white smileWe’ve all seen the advertisements for store bought teeth whitening products of all kinds – toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips, and gels. Many of those patients who visit us wanting a brighter smile tell our team that they’ve tried it all. From whitening strips to the most dubious DIY smile brightening tricks, these products all promise dramatically whiter teeth, but they can’t deliver much if any improvement. To truly brighten your smile, you need to schedule an appointment with the dedicated cosmetic dentist and team at Liscio Dental in Colchester. Call our team to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation to learn more about the professional teeth whitening options available in our Colchester dental office.

Common Causes of Dental Staining & Discoloration

Man receiving Zoom! teeth whitening

Before we begin a teeth whitening treatment plan, we need to understand the underlying causes of your dental discoloration. Some of the most common causes of tooth staining and discoloration include:

  • Consumption of dark colored foods and drinks
  • Tobacco use
  • Enamel wear revealing the yellow dentin layers of teeth
  • Fluorosis staining caused by overconsumption of fluoride during dental development
  • Dark staining caused by taking certain medications as teeth develope

Limitations of Store Bought Teeth Whitening

Woman being prepared for Zoom! teeth whitening

There are two main reasons that store bought teeth whitening products don’t deliver the results they promise. The first is the extremely low dosage of active whitening agent. Without a prescription or application by a dentist, the dose of whitening agent is kept extremely low for your safety, but unfortunately, that means the whitener only remains active for a few seconds. In addition to these low doses of whitening agent, the application methods are ineffective. They are not customized to your unique smile, so unfortunately, saliva can easily access and neutralize the whitening agent halting the smile brightening process.

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening Process

Man’s smile compared with tooth color chart

Zoom! teeth whitening is completed in just one trip to the office. We begin by protecting soft tissue using plastic shields. Then, the customized dosage of professional whitening agent is applied to the surfaces of teeth. The Zoom! light is focused on teeth, and the whitening agent is allowed to work for about 20 minutes. Next, we remove the whitening gel and check your progress. We can reapply as necessary until you achieve your desired results, but most patients see the improvement they’re after in just two or three applications. Following your teeth whitening treatment, we usually recommend a topical fluoride application. This reduces your risk for tooth sensitivity after treatment.

Maintaining a Brilliant White Smile

Once you’ve achieved your desired teeth whitening results, you can maintain them for longer by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Brush teeth at least two times each day and floss daily
  • Visit our office twice a year for dental exams and teeth cleanings
  • Limit your intake of dark colored foods and drinks
  • Avoid the use of tobacco products
  • Touch up your results a few times each year with professional at-home whitening kits