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Single Tooth Dental Implants – Colchester, VT

Seamlessly Replacing Your Single Missing Tooth

Close-up of nice smileAre you missing a single tooth? You may have been putting off replacing it, but did you know that even just one missing tooth can have serious effects on your health? Unlike other medical conditions that get better with time, dental issues will only grow worse if treatment is prolonged. Not replacing a missing tooth can lead to shifting of your remaining teeth, extra wear and tear on your smile, jawbone deterioration, and more. Thankfully, we can complete your smile with an implant-retained crown to avoid these problems. Keep reading to learn more about your options for replacing a single tooth and how you can benefit from dental implants.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Dental implant

Your missing tooth can be replaced with two different options:

Fixed Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is a custom-made prosthetic that is held in place with dental crowns on either side. This option literally “bridges” the gap in your smile for a complete look and restored function. Dental crowns will be attached to your remaining teeth that surround the gap, which allows for the stable placement of your bridge that replaces the visible portion of your tooth.

Single Tooth Implant

A single tooth implant replaces your missing tooth from the roots up, making it the only comprehensive solution. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone to act as an artificial tooth root. To replace a single missing tooth, we will surgically place an implant in your jawbone, allowing for 3 to 4 months to heal, before placing a personalized dental crown on top of it. This option can bring your smile advantages that you simply can’t get with other solutions.

The Benefits of Implant Supported Single Tooth Replacement

Dental implant

While replacing your teeth with any solution is better than nothing at all, there are some amazing health and aesthetic advantages dental implants provide that you can’t get anywhere else, including:

  • Lifespan: Lasting longer than any other replacement option, patients can enjoy dental implants for a lifetime with proper care.
  • Strength: Dental implants are rooted in the jawbone, which allows you to bite and chew through tough foods with confidence.
  • Health: Dental implants are the only replacement solution that stimulates your jawbone to keep it from deteriorating after tooth loss.
  • Look & feel: Dental implants look and feel more like your natural teeth than any other replacement because they allow your restoration to mimic the way that your remaining teeth emerge from your gums.

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