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Holistic Dentistry in Colchester

At Liscio Dental, our holistic approach is tailored especially for you. We will take time to understand your personal health philosophy, as well as any concerns you may have about your oral health. Dr. Liscio and our team consider ourselves educators and disseminators of information, so we’ll suggest treatment choices that are right for you, your mouth, and your body. We will listen to your wants and consider all factors when determining choices to present to you for your treatment. We fully understand and support that different people make different choices, and we’ll always respect your decisions. As a biological dentist, Dr. Liscio will be happy to work with your healthcare practitioners in an interdisciplinary approach for your best treatment.

Holistic dentistry and biological dentistry are based on the idea that the outcome of dental care should enhance overall health and wellness. Dental restorations should be designed to last while supporting comfort, function, and beauty. Your oral health directly impacts your body's overall health. Our team will partner with you to create a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. We take great satisfaction in having a positive effect on your overall health, wellness, and quality of life.

Liscio Dental was one of the first offices in the country to champion the use of biocompatible materials, and we still have clients around the United States who travel to Vermont to experience Dr. Liscio's excellent holistic dental care. Dr. Liscio's experience has given him extensive understanding of holistic and biological dentistry, so he can advise you on the best solutions for your unique situation.

Tooth-colored fillings, or composite restorations, are ideal for patients who have a metal sensitivity, are concerned about the mercury content or amalgam fillings, or who want to preserve their beautiful, white smile. Today’s technology allows for a tenacious, long-lasting bond between a composite restoration and natural tooth structure. Our composite and bonding agents are all BIS-GMA-free.

If your smile is riddled with unattractive metal filling sand you worry about your appearance, ask Liscio Dental about a safe method of amalgam removal. After removing your old fillings, Dr. Liscio will immediately place custom-tinted, tooth-colored composite fillings. In one visit, your new, white fillings will look natural and be totally amalgam-free.

Bio-compatibility test kits are available for patients to take to their medical doctor for complete testing.