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Holistic & Biologic Dentistry – Colchester, VT

Oral Care for Overall Wellness

Holistic dentistry and biologic dentistry are based on the idea that the outcome of dental care should enhance overall health and wellness. Your oral health directly impacts your body's overall health. Our team will partner with you to create a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. We take great satisfaction in having a positive effect on your overall health, wellness, and quality of life.

At Liscio Dental, our holistic approach is tailored especially for you. We will take time to understand your personal health philosophy, as well as any concerns you may have about your oral health. Dr. Liscio, a holistic dentist in Colchester, will be happy to work with your healthcare practitioners in an interdisciplinary approach for your best treatment.

SMART Mercury Removal

Are you concerned about the mercury content in your old metal fillings? Or are you tired of the way they detract from your smile’s natural beauty? We fully understand such concerns. Dr. Liscio practices safe mercury removal techniques, so he can remove those old fillings while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful mercury vapors. After removing your old fillings, Dr. Liscio will immediately place custom-tinted, tooth-colored composite fillings. In one visit, your new, white fillings will look natural and be totally amalgam-free.

Biocompatibility Testing

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Hundreds of different materials are used in modern dentistry, and no one material may be 100% suitable for everyone. That is why our team can provide a biocompatibility test kit for you to take to your medical doctor. The kit will help you learn which materials work well with your unique physiology, and which ones are better for you to stay away from. Armed with that knowledge, you and our team will be in the best position to make good decisions about your treatment.

Bioceramic Dental Implants

ceramic dental implant

Dental implants are usually constructed of a titanium alloy. While titanium works well in most cases, bioceramic (a type of ceramic that is designed to work especially well with the human body) may be a better option for many patients, especially for individuals who have severe metal sensitivities. An additional advantage of ceramic dental implants is that they will never corrode or produce a metal taste in your mouth. Plus, since they are white, they will not produce a gray line or shadow near your gum line.

BPA-Free Materials


BPA is an acronym that stands for Bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical that has been used in the production of many plastic goods since the 1960s. Research has revealed that, at certain levels, BPA is extremely toxic. Many dental practices use materials that have BPA, but we are different. Liscio Dental was one of the first offices in the country to champion the use of biocompatible materials, and our team adheres to that legacy through the use of materials that are completely BPA-free.

Are you interested in learning more about holistic dentistry in Colchester and how it may benefit you?  Contact us to ask questions or to schedule your first appointment in our office.