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Contemporary Dental Technology

The latest dental technology maximizes patient safety, treatment options, and precision restorations. Dr. Liscio regularly attends continuing education seminars and conventions to stay informed about new technology. We add new tools all the time; here are a few of our current technologies that you may benefit from as our patient:

Digital Billing

Billing is without a doubt one of the biggest hurdles to efficiency in a dental office, or any medical practice, really. To help speed things up, we have incorporated digital billing with insurance companies to expedite payment and treatment estimates. And there is no need to worry about your privacy or security; we are as dedicated to keeping your information secure as we are to your clean, healthy smile. Digital billing is a safe, secure practice that improves everyone’s experience!

Digital Dental X-rays

Liscio Dental is pleased to offer patients digital radiography. These digital x-rays emit far less radiation than traditional systems — reducing radiation exposure by as much as 85%. That reduction is especially significant for young children, as radiation builds up in the body over a lifetime. Even better, there is no waiting time associated with traditional radiography. Instead, the detailed, digital images are immediately available for review on a computer monitor. We can also safely store digital images for quick access and instantly transfer them to a specialist or insurance company.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is an exciting innovation that provides highly-detailed images of your teeth and gums. The handheld tool is tipped with a tiny camera that captures digital images, which are instantly sent to a monitor so you can review them with Dr. Liscio. We are pleased the intraoral camera allows you to become an active participant in the treatment planning stage, because we know that when you are more informed, your overall experience (and final outcome) greatly improves.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Whether your teeth become discolored due to your diet, tobacco, poor dental hygiene, or genetic factors, professional teeth whitening can do provide far better results than what you can achieve with whitestrips or an over-the-counter treatment. With Zoom! Whitening, Dr. Liscio can brighten teeth dramatically — up to eight shades — in a single visit to our office. Even the most stubborn stains, like the gray cast caused by certain medications, are removed with this powerful formula. After the treatment is complete, you can maintain your results by keeping up with good dental hygiene habits and applying periodic touch-up treatments.

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Cone Beam CT Scanner

cone beam scanner

Digital X-rays are a remarkable tool. However, they do not always give us the level of detail we need to plan for complex treatments. That is where the CBCT scanner comes into play. This machine provides us with extremely detailed three-dimensional images, not just of teeth and bones, but also of nerve pathways and soft tissues in the craniofacial region. It thus plays an important role in helping us provide TMJ therapy, dental implants, and root canal therapy in a manner that is as precise as possible.

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