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Dental Implants in Colchester

Dental implants are the best option in tooth replacement, as they are the only method that provides a truly comprehensive solution to tooth loss. By replacing the entire tooth structure, implants stabilize the jaw, prevent bone resorption, protect your oral health, and promote better overall wellbeing, too. Your Colchester, VT dentist partners with an expert oral surgeon for dental implant placement and then restores dental implants at Liscio Dental.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are completed in two phases: initial implantation and final restoration. A trusted local oral surgeon completes the implantation. After a healing period of four to eight months is complete, you return to Liscio Dental for the restoration of each dental implant.

For eligible candidates, implant dentistry offers a host of benefits. The advantages of the comprehensive treatment include:

  • Whole-tooth replacement prevents jawbone resorption
  • Freedom from denture creams
  • Eat what you like
  • Comfortable
  • Corrects dental misalignments
  • Can last a lifetime

Candidates for Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed surgically. Patients should be in suitable health to fully recover from the implant procedure. Additionally, sufficient bone structure is required for successful anchoring of the dental implants. If you have gone for a while with missing teeth, your dentist may recommend a preliminary bone augmentation (bone grafting, sinus lift, etc.) to create sufficient space for the dental implants.

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