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We are happy and excited to have Dr. Aten join our practice.  As a patient of Liscio Dental you can expect to receive the same quality of care and concern for your health as you always have.  It is our honor to serve you as our patient.  Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Tyler Aten, DMD to our practice!  We will now be able to serve our patients with extended hours while continuing to provide the highest level of care while meeting the needs of our growing office.  We welcome your call to schedule an appointment!



A Positive Dental Experience in a Comfortable, Health-Conscious Environment

general dentist burlingtonYou deserve the very best – the best health, service, comfort, and beauty. The unique appeal of Liscio Dental is our comprehensive focus on you, including your health and safety, your individual needs, and your philosophy of health. While implementing state-of-the-art technology and contemporary dental techniques, Dr. Liscio weaves into our practice a natural, whole-health approach to dental care.

From checkups and cleanings to sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry restorations, and TMJ therapy, Dr. Liscio offers a full scope of dental care in our inviting office. We strive to make every visit consistently comfortable and pleasant. Welcoming you with a smile and a beverage, hot tea or juice, is just the first step we'll take to make you feel welcome and at ease at Liscio Dental. To further enhance your comfort, we offer spa amenities, such as hot wraps for your neck and warm stones for your hands while you receive dental care.

Your health and safety are the utmost priority to us. We implement state-of-the-art sterilization and deliver dental procedures gently, with extra care and comfort. Our office features powerful air exchangers that completely exchange the air every 20 minutes. Negative ion generators further enhance the air quality by removing bacteria and mercury. Dr. Liscio planned our facility according to “green,” or eco-friendly principles for your family’s safety and comfort.

We use only biocompatible materials (dental materials which are healthy to your overall body as well as your mouth). With that in mind, we will customize your treatment based on your unique concerns and philosophical approach to health.

Our Best for Your Family

We consider ourselves educators and disseminators of information, so we'll suggest treatment choices that are right for you, your mouth, and your body. We fully understand and support that different people make different choices, and we'll always respect your decisions.

Holistic Dentistry & Bioesthetics

Bioesthetics is based on the new paradigm emerging in health care, one that is centered on the process of health and wellness instead of just on the treatment of disease. Bioesthetics integrates natural beauty and optimum function to give you a natural looking smile that is comfortable, lasting, and functional.

Holistic is similar to bioesthetics in that it is based on the new paradigm of being centered on health and wellness instead of just on the treatment of disease. In addition to a focus on comfort, function, beauty, and longevity of oral health and dental restorations, holistic dentistry respects the connection between the mouth and the entire body. Recent studies have proven that the health of your mouth can have a major impact on your overall health and wellness.

Biocompatible refers to a material that can coexist harmoniously in the body. Dr. Liscio uses biocompatible materials, such as composite fillings rather than mercury/amalgam fillings.

Conveniently located in Colchester, Vermont, Liscio Dental serves families from Burlington, Shelburne, Essex Junction, and South Burlington. We invite you to experience whole-health dental care with Dr. Liscio, Dr. Aten and our team of experts. Call our Colchester, VT dental office today to reserve your personal consultation, checkup, or second-opinion visit.

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